Posted by: wowcreations | May 13, 2010


In some countries May is the coming of summer.  Flowers are blooming and colours are alive.  In my world it’s the coming of the first Level 1 Certificate class at the Art Centre.

We started at 9am this morning.  I was up late last night packing everything, as my clay order had not arrived for the classes.  It’s touch and go sometimes with the shipping post.  Never takes the same amount of time for delivery.

Three fantastic ladies joined me today.  It was such a thrill getting their enthusiastic responses each time the learnt a new technique.  We started with the Leaf pendant which you make adding paste layer by layer to  a fresh leaf from the garden.  We’ll be back in student/teacher mode again at 9am tomorrow. Phew it’s like being back at school these early mornings.  Luckily I don’t have to take the bus.

I then went on to a meeting with my boss.  What an inspiration.  She purchased 5 of my WOW Creations.  I thought if she bought one it would be an encouragement, but to buy 5 pieces, that’s a true appreciation for what has taken me hours to create.

What a fantastic day in May.  I wish you all the same joy and fulfillment.





  1. WoW!!!!

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