Hello readers.

My name is Lisle and I have been living in Dubai since 2000. As a child living in South Africa, I learnt to love handmade things as both my parents are very creative and are from a small city called Kimberley.

My mother loved knitting, crochet and stitching. She would make jumpers for the entire family during winter. Sadly she passed away in 1986.

My father lives in Cape Town, South Africa and he still makes his own furniture. He furnished his entire pool deck and balcony with handmade wooden flooring and sun loungers.

I enjoy the silence which comes when becoming engrossed in creating something yourself. It inspires me when I see someone’s personality in what they have designed.

I started jewellery making in March 2009 when I attended an Art Clay Silver certificate course in Cape Town with Elize Gerber. I completed a 3 day intensive course and was certified as a Level 1 Instructor.

In September 2009 I completed my Level 2 Instructor course with Fatma Nur from Istanbul (Odak Sanat). I was lucky enough to have her mentor, Senior Instructor, Dr Mehmet Aykoc, also with us to oversee my work.

In January 2010 I sent my final creations for valuation in Istanbul by Dr Aykoc to qualify for my Senior Certificate.

I started teaching at the Art Centre in June 2009. It is something which I find most inspiring. Each student who attends has vision and creativity. Each finished creation is different to the other and during the workshop I can see how the process evolves from understanding Jewellery Making as a profession to seeing it now as a hobby and craft.

I am planning to continue teaching and creating my own range of jewellery in Dubai and hope to become the leader in growing the world of Art Clay Silver in the UAE.

I hope that you enjoy the WOW Creations Jewellery Blog and hope to see you again soon



  1. I would like to attend the workshop. When is the next class?

  2. I thouroughly enjoyed the private class you gave me and love wearing my beautiful pendant. It is so professional that I get many comments and people can’t believe it’s hand made


    • Thank you for your continued support Helga.

      Please send me a photograph of the pendant which you made so that I can add it to the students gallery.

      I think you get many comments, because you seemed like a natural artist working with the clay. Even some of the ideas you have about how to wear the pendant was creative. I hope that you will continue to create more of your own jewellery.

      Take Care

  3. hi..im really interested in your jewellery making classes and was wondering what the price is for the classes.

  4. Hello there! I am looking forward to reading your postings.
    Enjoy blogging x

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