1. Hi Lisle,

    I like to learn this too. I will be in Dubai by the end of this year. hope to c u.

    Take care

  2. hello lisle!

    i might be in dubai next month. would you have scheduled workshops?


    • Hi Abbey,

      thank you for your enquiry. I will be sending the dates for the May workshops to the Art Centre tonight for approval. I should have the confirmed dates by Sunday and will upload to the blog and email you.


  3. hello lisle,

    i would really love to learn doing your stuff — and hopefully see where it may bring me.

    i am based in qatar. let me know please if there will be upcoming workshops here.

    kind regards,

    • Thank you Abbey, I will inform you should I visit qatar.


  4. hi Lisle
    i am very much interested ,but i live in muscat.any such workshops here?thanks vasanthi

  5. Hi there Lisle,
    must say it is so nice to see we have some one in the UAE teaching the art clay classes that is affordable. I am living in Abu Dhabi and am very interested in classes. Any chance of doing some in Abu Dhabi? Do have a bit of the tools already but a bit scared as i have not had any lessons . Have not had enough time every time i go to South Africa to do them. Also would like to know how do i go about getting a kiln just a small one for me? Are they pricey?


    Nelly Robinson

    • Hi Nelly, I know the feeling of not having enough time when I go to South Africa. My sister and I were just laughing about it recently as she went home for 3 weeks and still ran out of time to meet up with some friends.

      I am arranging with the Abu Dhabi Pottery centre to have classes at their location. I will forward your email to Homa so that she can mail you when the dates have been finalised.

      I have all the tools needed for the class. I will enquire from my supplier what the cost of the kiln would be. Mine took about 1 week to arrive.

      Take Care

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