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Thank you to all who stopped at our table today.  It was great meeting all of you and what lovely ladies I had on the tables beside me.

I saw many familiar faces and now after having participated in the market a few times it’s great catching up with everyone.

Raina visited me during a short break which she took from her stall.  She had made a pair of cuff links for her husband but found that she had not allowed enough for the shrinkage for the cuff link attachment.

I suggested that she file the cuff link attachment to fit into the hole she left in the top piece of the cuff link.  I hope she has success in completing her gift.

Please have a look at her jewellery at or facebook page at Rainassance Designs.

Remember this week we are holding Silver Clay classes at the Art Centre on Sat 3rd, Sun 4th and Tues 6th (10am-1pm) and on Mon 5th (6.30pm – 9.30pm).  To register, please call 04-3444398

Happy Creating


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Join me this Friday 02 July

at Festival City between 12 and 9pm. 

Find us on the Mezzanine Floor near Ikea.

Cost : 200 aed (incl. 7g clay)

Limited space – First come first served

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JULY WORKSHOPS – Dubai International Art Centre

3 HOUR WORKSHOPS at Dubai International Art Centre, Jumeirah

Cost 175 aed + materials

Sat  3rd      10am-1pm

Sun 4th      10am-1pm

Mon 5th     6.30pm-9.30pm

Tue  6th     10am-1pm

Wed 14th  6.30pm-9.30pm

Sun 18th   10am-1pm

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Level 1 Certificate (AED 2 375 – including materials)

9.00am – 1.00pm x 5 sessions

Tue 8th, Wed 9th, Tues 29th, Wed 30th, Sat 19th


3 Hour Single Workshop (AED 175 + materials)

Thurs 10th Sun 20th                      10.00 – 1.00pm

Mon 28th                                             6.30 – 9.30pm               

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Metal Clay and Swarovski

I’ve really been enjoying adding Swarovski crystals to my creations.  I returned from Singapore  and was fortunate enough to go to 4 stores who stock the Crystallized brand and each store had something different.

I’m looking forward to trying out the new ideas I have for earrings, bracelets and pendants.

Here are a few of the creations I’ve finished so far where I’ve added Swarovski’s.

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Calling all students

Hello ladies,

For those of you who have joined my class and have enjoyed it, please write a review on the following website to help me promote my classes….

Thank you

Happy Creating


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In some countries May is the coming of summer.  Flowers are blooming and colours are alive.  In my world it’s the coming of the first Level 1 Certificate class at the Art Centre.

We started at 9am this morning.  I was up late last night packing everything, as my clay order had not arrived for the classes.  It’s touch and go sometimes with the shipping post.  Never takes the same amount of time for delivery.

Three fantastic ladies joined me today.  It was such a thrill getting their enthusiastic responses each time the learnt a new technique.  We started with the Leaf pendant which you make adding paste layer by layer to  a fresh leaf from the garden.  We’ll be back in student/teacher mode again at 9am tomorrow. Phew it’s like being back at school these early mornings.  Luckily I don’t have to take the bus.

I then went on to a meeting with my boss.  What an inspiration.  She purchased 5 of my WOW Creations.  I thought if she bought one it would be an encouragement, but to buy 5 pieces, that’s a true appreciation for what has taken me hours to create.

What a fantastic day in May.  I wish you all the same joy and fulfillment.



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May Schedule

click here   May 2010

              to see the May schedule for the

3 hour workshops and

Level 1 Instructor Certificate

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My month away from teaching is almost over and tonight I’m back in full swing.

I managed to work out the new dates and timings to send to the Art Centre for approval.  Thank you to all of you who have been asking for the May dates.  I will upload to the blog as soon as possible.

I’m hoping to offer the certificate class in May so ladies get ready for some intensive creating.

Happy Creating


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Sometimes in life you just need to let go and trust someone else with the things which are important to you.

As my regular visitors are aware, I’ve been looking for a photographer for my  creations as I would like to start selling my work on Etsy and create some nice projects for you to create at home.

Today, while I was at the Arte craft market,  I had a visit from Algene Marc Suria who is an amateur photographer.  As I was busy speaking to customers, I was not able to hover over him while he photographed my jewellery.

And voila… Two hours later, he presented me with some lovely photographs.  What a pleasure to allow someone esle to take control. 

Happy Creating


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